Last Friday some of our friends went from Pre-School to Pre-K and Pre-K to Kindergarten. We had a lovely ceremony here at Pooh & Friends where the children put on quite a performance! Here is just a little taste of what the day was like.  

Hello friends! We recently took a trip to Muscoot Farm.  Here are some pictures from our adventure. We made quite a few farm friends that day! Here’s to looking forward to many more fun summer activities!

We’ve recently been very busy here at Pooh & Friends. This is an update of what we’ve been up to! As you all know Easter just passed and we would like to share some of the fun we had!    

We just had to share this video of these two little ones learning how to walk! Mom and Dad, wouldn’t you want your 3 year old in a program like this? Please click on the link to view the video! chelsea and maria We have openings, call us! 😉